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2010 Lady Yankees
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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Three Yankees Land Glod Gloves

Three members of the New York Yankees were honored with Gold Gloves for the 2010 season.  Derek Jeter, Robinson Cano, and Mark  Teixeira.  Jeter who has earned five of the coveted awards, Teixeira two, for Cano this is his first of many to come.  The Yankees had a combines .988 fielding percentage, leading the American league.  They also lead the league with the fewest errors.

There has been some protest across the web about the awards being handed to these players but the numbers don’t lie.  Cano has been criticized for his lack of ability at second base.  Some feel his defense is not to the caliber of other American league second baseman.  The same has been said of Jeter who’s range has been brought into question over the last few seasons.  While Teixeira has been credited for his ability to save errors with his glove at first.  Jeter’s range has  many questioning rather he is being awarded the Gold Glove for lack of any other player standing out and because he is the incumbent.

Jeter may have lost a step or two over the years.  To this there is little doubt.  But to say he has a limited range by comparison to other Short Stops is truly unfair and narrow minded.  He misses balls up the middle name a short stop who don’t.  There are going to be balls hit sharply that are going to get threw.  It is just a fact.  To expect a player to field 100 percent is asking for a player to give you a performance that no one can provide you.  Why is Jeter held to such a higher standard than other players.  What is it that makes fans look out and say he isn’t performing as well as he should or could.  Jeter has an excellent work ethic and an uncanny ability to avoid controversy with the exception of the acting job he did on a ball that clearly didn’t hit him much less hurt him.  Yet when other players do the exact same thing to reach first little if anything is said.  You don’t have three weeks of jokes from talk show host to remind you that players are not always honest.  If this is the worst thing the man dose in his career I think he should be applauded not crucified. 

The Yankees Committed fewer errors that any other team in baseball.  Yet because we are talking about the quote Evil Empire they are  not considered deserving recognition or awards for excellent fielding.  Sure they watched the World Series from home and it seemed the were contented to coast into the play offs and not make a grab for the AL East.  It seemed they were willing to hand the honor off to Tampa.  I think people need to remember that Jeter is a great ambassador for baseball.  They should remember that Cano is deserving of the American League MVP.  Teixeira literally put his body on the line making great plays all season long.  Was on the DL twice and still played great defense dealing with injuries that still nagged him all season long.  These guys deserved the awards they got.  They worked hard for them.  

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