2010 Lady Yankees

2010 Lady Yankees
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Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Goals and expectations

Once again I made the usual commitment to myself in January to make a one last ditch effort to drop some tonnage from my person. I started out strong like always and did a good job of it. I started walking around the office at night while I was working. I also made great strides to get up and unearth the $600 close rack known as my treadmill. The goal this January one was to drop a buck fifty and play a season of softball. Being as how I am forty three as of March two the clock isn’t favoring this endeavor, if I am going to play ball it is now or never.

Excuses and pains

One of the biggest obstacles for one of my stature is motivation. Sure it sounds great when I think about getting off the couch and getting into the hamster wheel of death and running five MPH going absolutely no where. Getting off the couch when there is spring training baseball on to watch not easy my friend! That said I was up and on the treadmill and then it happened. Lower back pain and shoulder discomfort. That’s right folks my doc tells me I have to get my can up and exercise. When I have an injury from that he says take it easy. I can’t believe I paying this guy. Two blown shoe soles latter I am ready to go.

Ball Practice

We drafted this years incarnation of the Lady Yankees Pee Wee Girls team at GVLL. We have been practicing a week. One nice thing about practices is you learn all kinds of stuff about your own athleticism. Ever single over throw had me leaping an amazing 2, 3, inches off the ground easy. It takes a lot of thrust to raise this body off the ground. The bigger the gut the more gravity you have to defy. Either my players are going to have to learn to throw really soon or I’m gonna bring a latter to practice to reach those throws. I also discovered I can no longer go to my right with the glove. I see the ball traveling that way and I feel the signal going down to all the former muscle groups responsible for that movement but the body protest and flat refuses to go that way. My fall season is looking very doubtful.
                                                                                                                        Even this old fart can go to the right......

This season we drafted a bunch of first year players. We don’t mind that so much. They come complete with no idea how to do the things we want them to do and they have no bad habits for us to battle with. Their like a clean chalk board. We just have to find the right way to communicate what we want them to learn and hope when they throw a ball to us we are looking when they do.

I a lot of ways they are a little bit like me, we are all trying to get into shape for a season we hope will be good. I just hope my knees hold out.

Tread Mills and other things inspired of Satan

Next week I am on vacation so hitting the hamster wheel is going to be a bit easier to do. Down side Baseball starts on Thursday March 31. Yankees season opener. So no vile treadmill, I want a hot dog, some nachos, and the remote control! Opening day is a day to be celebrated like Christmas, only better. Hey, Christmas is only good for the little dudes getting toys, opening day is for everyone. Unfortunately I will be watching the Yanks from the treadmill. Vile, nasty stinking treadmill. With any luck I will not blown out my new shoes or any cartilage that may be just waiting for the right opportunity to launch me through the wall like an episode of Jackass. Perhaps I’ll set up the video camera for the million dollar shot.

April 2

We play our first game with the Red Sox. Who and why would anyone want to name their team after such and awful, awful team. I just don’t get it. Look at history at all the great Yankee players and you have a large list that comes to mind. You do that with the Red Sox you get Ted Williams. Ted “I live in Joe DiMaggio’s shadow” Williams. Sad I tell ya just plain sad. Well wish us luck as we go out there and win this one.

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